Poll leader Barack Obama taps iPhone

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign continues to blaze the trail in tapping modern tools to reach out to many Americans.

Before, Obama reinvented the campaign website into a platform for fundraising and organizing. Next, he used SMS to announce his choice of runningmate Joe Biden. Now, his campaign wants to turn the iPhone into a organizing tool to ensure his victory in next month’s presidential elections.

Now available in the Apple iPhone App Store is the “Obama ’08: The Official iPhone Application”.

Wire agency AFP said that

The application, which also works on iPod Touch devices that are essentially iPhones without mobile telephone capabilities, contains information on Obama’s positions on the issues, photos and videos from the campaign trail and news on the race.

The software enables Obama supporters to automatically scan their digital phone books for friends in states where their preferred candidate needs more support and uses GPS features in iPhones to find nearby Obama campaign offices or rallies.

The Obama app works for the iPhone 3G, the first-gen iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Obama now leads Republican John McCain in eleven separate polls, with the Democrat enjoying leads of between three to nine percent.