Impeach the cheat!

The most hated and most despised Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would soon be the subject of an amended impeachment complaint before the House of Representatives.

According to reliable sources, the Minority and the Progressive blocs have started cooperating towards the filing of such an amended impeachment complaint. I have read a draft that has come my way, and I am convinced that the People of the Philippines have a strong case to impeach Mrs. Arroyo. There’s a body of evidence enough to convict her for several if not all the possible impeachable offenses outlined in the 1987 Constitution.

Of course, the amended impeachment complaint would have its strongest case in Arroyo’s being a certified cheat and liar. The House and the Senate may reject all moves to consider the tape as evidence but they cannot deny the fact of the cover-up she and her minions have been trying to do since June 5, when her Press Secretary unveiled the Gloriagate tapes and misrepresented the genuine with the fake and vice versa.

When the impeachment process unravels, the public would be treated to yet another lamentable spectacle of a sitting president being punished politically for pursuing bureaucrat-capitalist ways.

The cases against Arroyo would be more than enough to fulfill the impeachment process’ role as an arena or measure in aid of the movement to remove her from power.