Alternative news sources on the Philippines

There’s more happening in the Philippines than those reported in the so-called mainstream media. We can read about these events, especially those about the “marginalized”, through alternative news websites.

Two of them are based in Manila: Bulatlat and Pinoy Weekly.

Formed in the aftermath of People Power 2, Bulatlat is an online news magazine.

Pinoy Weekly used to be a Tagalog-language tabloid. The print version recently folded up but the staff led by Kenneth Guda continues their work online.

Other reliables sources are the Northern Dispatch, a “people’s newspaper” in Northern Luzon, and MindaNews which is run by the Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center.

For photos and some videos, there’s Arkibong Bayan (People’s Archive).

Kodao Productions meanwhile specializes in video. It was first known as the force behind “Ngayon Na, Bayan!”, an award-winning AM radio program that went off the air, no thanks to the political repression phase of 2006.


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