is my choice!

Way ahead before Bikoy Villanueva won a landslide victory to become the No. 1 student councilor at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, there was the blogger Bikoy, the lad behind was known as the chronicles of a young high school and then college student who has chosen to forego many comforts of middle-class living and become an activist. The language Bikoy defies the stereotypical “tibak”, and he regales his audience with stories, complete with photos. The posts recently have been few and far between, which just reflects the huge amounts of time he has given to student leadership, thesis and graduation, and his entry to law school. Lest we forget, Kuya Bikoy also uses his blog as a platform to share anecdotes and photos of lovable Tisay.

For these and plenty of other reasons, I vote for for the Bloggers’ Choice Award 2008!

I also hope you vote for too.

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