Introducing BaliYo, the balisong pen

Attention, Professional Heckler and other Batanguenos. The classic balisong has been “reincarnated”.

Nicknamed BaliYo, the US company Spyderco’s “reincarnation” of the balisong is actually “a new concept in pens. It provides safe unlimited creative motion anytime, anywhere, even while sitting. 100% U.S.A. Made using high-performance materials and manufacturing,” according to the official product website.

The FAQ also says that:

“Constructed from three pieces of close-tolerance polymer, the center body is a pressurized ball point pen pivoting between to two parallel arms. The positioning dynamics of the pivots allow you to swing and rotate the pen, changing its speed and force of gravity while flipping and twirling. Refined symmetry with even weight ratio (end-to-end and side-to-side) balances the pen through motion and force. With practice you can learn sophisticated moves, two-handed tricks, quick-flips, spins, aerials and how to manipulate combinations of these.

The BaliYo comes in Blue-Green, Pink-Orange, Grey, and Red-White-Blue. The Gray model is now “sold-out”.

Find out more about BaliYo here, and about Spyderco here. Spyderco specializes in making knives for which it has held 80 patents!.

Thanks to Crave for the heads-up.