Plagiarism in focus

Last week, I was invited to guest in ANC’s Media in Focus as a resource person on the topic “plagiarism”. The program took off from the CMFR report penned by Hector Bryant Macale.

For those who missed it, has come out with the story below:

Plagiarism and the ‘ponente’ system

When former broadsheet reporter Anthony Ian Cruz wrote an exclusive on a US journal’s assessment of the Arroyo administration, he had no idea that his story would be copied by a rival publication a day later.

Cruz, a former Malaya reporter who now writes for the Asahi Shimbun, said he published his story “Influential US journal says GMA sank RP into morass of corruption” on the January 28 issue of Malaya. That evening, he said he was surprised to see an article on the same topic appear on the Web site of The Daily Tribune.

“Everyday, as a journalist, it’s part of my daily regimen to check the news Web sites and see what our paper published and what other papers publish. We’re all rivals in the field so we want to know what the other papers are doing,” he said in an interview on ANC’s “Media in Focus.”

He said a comparison of his and the Tribune articles showed that aside from the first four paragraphs, the Tribune article was “almost an exact copy of what appeared in Malaya.”

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