Get the complete PDF copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Hopefully this isn’t just for one day for this is good news for Filipinos abroad and all those who can’t get a copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

After visiting the website and clicking the frontpage thumbnail, one is usually brought to a page that gives a larger JPG version of Inquirer’s page 1. The JPG photo is good for finding out the heads of Inquirer’s frontpage stories. The JPG photo is of just the right quality to read the heads and we all have to wait for the next day to read the stories’ full text.

But I got a big surprise yesterday. For after going to the same page, I noticed that the JPG photo was linked somewhere and when I clicked — voila! — I was brought to Inquirer PDF heaven. The site I was brought to is named PressDisplay and it gave me all the Inquirer’s 74-page Aug. 8 issue in PDF format. The quality is very high, so much so that you can read everything — heads, text, captions, and see the photos quite clearly.

Kudos to the Inquirer! And I hope this will be a permanent free service.

UPDATE: The Inquirer did it again today, Aug. 9, and posted the paper in PDF format. Just click the above links. BUT IT ISN’T FREE PALA. ONE HAS TO PAY US$2.75 FOR VIEWING A SINGLE ISSUE. You can also go back to as far as the May 11 issue.