Undas Survey 2007

I went through an Undas Survey through text. The question I sent was this: “Where are you today?”140 people texted back and their replies are summarized as follows: 61 were in the cemetery — 43.57 percent 43 were at home (including those who said they already went to the cemetery on Oct. 31) — 30.71 […]


Get your own domain at just P175 for first year!

One thing I forgot the past few days is to tell you readers about HostMySite where I registered my domain name. US-based HostMySite has a special promo: $4.00 (P175.00) for new domain registrations for the first year. This is a great deal. It is the lowest rates nowadays for first year domain registration. Remember: […]


Samsung unveils Blackjack II as successor to i600

Crave reports that Samsung has unveiled today in the US the Blackjack II. Its predecessor is the Blackjack I (go figure) or the i600. i600 is my favorite pastor’s current phone after discovering the Samsung smartphone and finding it more intelligent than his previous 9300. He has chucked the 9300 and his other Nokia. He […]