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MALAYA: Pinoys in HK join Gloria-Resign call

By ANTHONY IAN CRUZ Malaya Nov. 13, 2007 AT least 4,000 Filipinos in Hong Kong signed Sunday a petition calling on President Arroyo to step down. Dolores Pelaez, spokesman of the Hong Kong chapter of the Gloria Step Down Movement (GSM-HK), said the number overseas Filipino workers who signed the petition showed that they were […]


MALAYA: 12 Pinoys in S’pore jails for fake air tickets

By ANTHONY IAN CRUZ Malaya Nov. 13, 2007 Twelve Filipinos are detained in Singapore jails as part of the island-state’s crackdown on foreigners who present fake return-flight tickets at its airport immigration counters. The Department of Foreign Affairs said “deception of immigration officials and presenting fake e-tickets is illegal and a serious offense in Singapore, […]


MALAYA: RP faces water shortage

By ANTHONY IAN CRUZ Malaya Oct. 29, 2007 THE Philippines faces a shortage of clean potable water in the next few years but government is addressing the problem wrongly by relying on privatization, a coalition of non-government organization said. The coalition, Water for the People Network (W4PN), said the privatization policy has resulted in control […]