Filipino Sociologist Corazon Lamug, 62

Dr. Corazon Lamug was perhaps the sociology professor we were most proud of when I took up the BA Sociology program at the College of Arts and Sciences of University of the Philippines at Los Banos. Ma’am Lamug wasn’t a “terror”. But nobody doubted her competence and expertise. We were never surprised that a sociology […]


Welcome to Victor!

I apologize for not posting today. I’ve been quite busy because of personal and work-related matters. Expect a flurry of posts in the next few weeks, thanks to a gadget that I have finally been able to get: a spanking new notebook computer.


Bush, McCain and Obama on the US crisis

US President George W. Bush spoke to Americans today and announced he has invited fellow Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama to an urgent meeting on the US economic crisis. Bush said that the bailout of failing Wall Street companies may cost taxpayers about US$700 billion (estimated P31.8 trillion).

More has a new look

When I checked my Google Reader this afternoon, I wondered why I got no updates from Not even one. Then I remembered the announcement  yesterday about the news site’s “migration” to a new format and look. Take a look at the new site here.


PLDT’s myDSL service: F%$k3d Up!

This afternoon, the DSL connection at our house just went kaput. I performed some “tricks” — known to all PLDT myDSL subscribers who have experienced problems and sought technical assistance. You know the drill: ipconfig /release and /renew. Resetting the modem. In my case, also resetting the router. I did all those plenty of times, […]