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The end for GMA is near but…

Today’s chorus was spectacular: Former President Cory Aquino, the Makati Business Club, the Liberal Party and ten members of the Cabinet have joined the growing movement for Mrs. Arroyo’s resignation. Across the capital, rallies erupted in Welcome Rotunda, Ayala Avenue and elsewhere in order to celebrate the growing national consensus for a GMA-free presidency. The […]


Authentic democracy 1

Cory became president in defiance of the Marcos Constitution. She was catapulted to the presidency by a nationwide uprising now dubbed People Power 1 that rendered irrelevant the results of the snap elections. Through that revolt, Filipinos clearly expressed their direct political power as the supreme sovereign in our country. If not for this uprising, […]


Desperate House Boys

The soon-to-be deposed Arroyo administration is suffering from an acute lack of rationality and respect to the intelligence of the Filipino as its sycophantic spinners are hard put controlling the widening damage wrought by the Gloriagate tapes. In the House, GMA’s equally-desperate partisans seem to have just the nearest cave when they speak about the […]


Tym 2 go

At the rate things are going, it would be prudent for GMA to quit now. If she relents tonight or tomorrow, the entire nation would be spared the sad spectacle of a plummeting peso and plunging stocks. If she gives up her kapit-tuko stance on the presidency, she would at the least reap some some […]


The sound of a dying presidency

More than 500,000 folks have visited the TXTPower website since we first made available the scandalous Hello Garci ringtone. Filipinos continue to have fun with the now 27 remixes of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s “a lapse of judgment”, a grossly inaccurate term she has used to describe no less than 16 calls she made to […]