We want a national bloggers association of the Philippines

Even as consultations and discussions are ongoing, but it seems there are bloggers who cannot wait to be part of what is turning out to be a controversial initiative.

The draft manifesto below hopes to provide a starting point towards forming an association of Filipino bloggers. Please feel free to make suggestions to improve this statement of intent.

Members of this future organization will make the final decision on the name to use, the constitution and by laws, its officers and its programs and policies. If you wish to join as a founding member, please sign up below:

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  1. Wenson A. Gallaza

    I would like to join for this organization to contribute responsibly in promoting freedom of expressions in nation building and promoting foreign policy insights in the least way i can.

  2. “nothing ventured nothing gained”

  3. Bjornson Bernales

    Hi Mr. Tonyo Cruz,

    I really appreciate this initiative.

  4. yup.. this is quite debatable.

    i read the manifesto pero… as to what purpose? we can get all of those with our circle of friends… most of it are already existing netiquette… sense of belonging perhaps?

    bloggers dont need more politics. hindi pa ba enough na yung mga political blogs a kaguluhan/kalabuan sa buhay ng Pilipinas to testify against the likelihood formation of an association/authority/officers? paano ba pipiliin yung mga officers? election? randomizer? paano yung hindi kasali? hindi na blogger? hindi na sya recognized? not official?

    if you want to experience chartered/controlled/moderated postings. i would look into creating a forum/bulletinboard instead. then i would likely join.


  5. Ferdie,

    If you don’t want to join then don’t join we welcome your opinion but right now we believe that the initiative is advantageous for everyone.

  6. remove the word “national”. this does not represent all the bloggers. So those bloggers who won’t join will be be blogger anymore? hmmm.

  7. Kanu: I’m not sure you understand, I hope you join first before criticizing the group.

  8. One thing I don’t see addressed here is nationality. I am not a Filipino. I live, however, long-term in the Philippines, one might say I am married to the Philippines, since I have many. many more family members here than in my native USA.

    I also blog professionally and have been for some years on both Philippine-related subjects and others.

    Am I welcome? I find in general that many Filipino bloggers are outgoing, friendly and helpful to all, regardless of the color of their skin or their passport, while a few others are very clannish, stand-offish and frankly, even racist.

    Will the organization exist only to serve those with ‘Filipino blood’?

    Whatever the organizers chose is fine with me, I just respectfully request this issue be made clear before I put myself down as either interested or not interested.

    Thanks. Dave Starr, Marilao, Bulacan, The Philippines.

  9. Hi Dave! Good to know you’re loving the Philippines and really interested in joining. By all means, do join us.

  10. I would like to express my support to this project because helpful and reliable blogging is now so important to a rising society.

  11. nothing but politics

  12. i joined 2 weeks ago.. any updates sir?

  13. In my work as an NGO staff, I help build organizations in the communities. So why not, get organized myself. Mr. Tonyo Cruz, I appreciate the initiative. For all that will be, cheers!

  14. This is too corny. I don’t see the need for such an association it’s just pure advertising and vanity. Well, you can do whatever you want this is a free country. I do not need an association since I am earning too much with my blogs and websites. Good luck to you.

  15. I SHARE BECAUSE I CARE – seek the good of another without expecting anything in return; being sensitive to the needs and suffering of others and actively finding ways to improve their condition; participate in the thoughts and feelings of others; place oneself in the other person’s situation and to communicate genuine understanding and deep concern…

    - Sharing you this values from http://eric.ed.gov/PDFS/ED495380.pdf

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