Apply for Philippine passport at new DFA bldg. starting March 8

A Philippine electronic passport. Photo grabbed from Open Minds blog.

Starting March 8, 2010, the Department of Foreign Affairs will accept and process passport applications at the new Office of Consular Affairs building at Bradco cor. Macapagal Avenues, Aseana Business Park near the Mall of Asia.

In an advisory sent through the media, the DFA also said that authentication services will likewise be transferred to the new building starting on March 4, 2010.

Located a few blocks from the old DFA building, the new 7,000-square meter, four-storey building hopes to better serve citizens applying for passports and requesting for the authentication of Philippine documents.

To apply for a Philippine passport, applicant must fill out a Passport application form and submit the requirements. There are different requirements for first-time applicants and for those who are applying for renewal of expired or expiring passports.

The DFA is also accepting online requests for appointment for passport applicants.

Here are the official passport fees:

  • P500.00 for the 44-page Machine-Readable Passport (MRP)
  • P950.00 for the 44-page Electronic Passport Passport (ePass)
  • P250.00 for expedited processing of either the MRP or the ePass
  • P700.00 for replacement of lost valid passport (MRP)

Here meanwhile is the official passport application form:

Philippine passport application form

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  1. panu po magpapa-appointment?
    at anu po ang pinagkaiba ng MRP sa ePass

  2. romualdo robles

    i want to know if provided na ng dfa ag picture kasi 1200 na ang rush?

  3. romualdo robles

    i want to know if provided na ng dfa ang picture kasi 1200 na ang rush

  4. Manuel Baricuatro

    Is it required now to change my old 32 page passport to 44 page passport or e-passprot even not expired yet?

  5. good day!!! sir/ madam kukuha me ng new passport anu po ba ang dapat kng gawin para madalian ung pagkuha ko kailangan ko na kc po this month? pls reply,,,thank you very much,

  6. hi and hello what requirements or documents to obatin new pasport because I lost my passport

    thanksss. gobless!

  7. jacquiline a.borja

    kailangan pah poh bah ng dfa form bago mkakuha ng pass port

  8. The appointment system sounds pleasant to the ears but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT what everyone is expecting. When you say that you have an appointment on that day, you’ll expect that there wont be long lines and what not. But lo and behold, you have to wait for FIVE HOURS to finish your passport application!

    Please don’t go on media telling everyone that it would only take 30 minutes for you to get your passport because that ONLY APPLIES TO CELEBRITIES AND NOT TO THE MAJORITY.
    sheLy: One more thing about the so called “COURTESY LANE”. It is universally known that courtesy is given to SENIOR CITIZENS, PREGNANT WOMEN, DISABLED AND CHILDREN. My 4yrs old son applied for a passport but he WAS NOT given any courtesy so HE HAD TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER THREE (3) HOURS JUST TO HAVE HIS PICTURE TAKEN compared to those people who were given some courtesy simply because THEY KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE EMPLOYED AT DFA AND WERE ESCORTED TO THE COURTESY LANE. And the DFA employee wasn’t even patient enough to take a photo of a 4yrs old kid. Whats up with that? The kid waited for that long, you dont expect him to be in a good mood, right?

    I’m sure this feedback will not be given any importance and what not but I hope I was able to send the message across.

  9. san po ba kkuha ng passport pag lost sa dfa pasay ba o sa bago

  10. hi… i’m new in hir i want to get the passport in a easy way.. how long may it takes?

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