Apply for Philippine passport at new DFA bldg. starting March 8

A Philippine electronic passport. Photo grabbed from Open Minds blog.

Starting March 8, 2010, the Department of Foreign Affairs will accept and process passport applications at the new Office of Consular Affairs building at Bradco cor. Macapagal Avenues, Aseana Business Park near the Mall of Asia.

In an advisory sent through the media, the DFA also said that authentication services will likewise be transferred to the new building starting on March 4, 2010.

Located a few blocks from the old DFA building, the new 7,000-square meter, four-storey building hopes to better serve citizens applying for passports and requesting for the authentication of Philippine documents.

To apply for a Philippine passport, applicant must fill out a Passport application form and submit the requirements. There are different requirements for first-time applicants and for those who are applying for renewal of expired or expiring passports.

The DFA is also accepting online requests for appointment for passport applicants.

Here are the official passport fees:

  • P500.00 for the 44-page Machine-Readable Passport (MRP)
  • P950.00 for the 44-page Electronic Passport Passport (ePass)
  • P250.00 for expedited processing of either the MRP or the ePass
  • P700.00 for replacement of lost valid passport (MRP)

Here meanwhile is the official passport application form:

Philippine passport application form

69 thoughts on “Apply for Philippine passport at new DFA bldg. starting March 8

  1. hello bakit po nagbago na ang pagkuha ng passport may date na po bago makapasok sa ofice niyo madalian po kasi ang paglalakad ko na passport tapos parang mahigit 1month ang pag aantay ko bago ako makakuha kaialangan ko po malaman kung pano kumuha na madalian thank you so much….?

  2. Pwedeng di na kumuha ng online appointment kung masyadong matagal yung waiting time para sa iyo. Suungin mo na lang yung mahabang pila dun sa bagong DFA consular building kung nagmamadali. 10 days ang expedited processing kapag nakalusot ka sa pila, 20 days ang regular processing. Ayon yan sa advisory ng DFA ngayong April.

  3. I was going to apply for a new passport for my child today and found out that the earliest appearance date at DFA is June 8!!! Is there any other way to be able to process it faster??? I really can’t wait that long. I was not aware that there is a new process now of passport application, last Feb. a friend was still able to apply for her passport using the old NSO process (with pick up of documents and delivery of passport) which took only 2-3 weeks. Now the NSO says they will only help you in setting the appointment for your appearance and will not pick up the documents for you anymore. Pls help…

  4. @browneyedgirl

    My suggestion is for you to go straight to the new DFA consular building anytime. Just go and follow the queue there. If you get through the queue, your passport would be processed starting on the same day.

  5. Hi Sir. I took your advice and went to the DFA early this morning without any appointment, hoping that they would accommodate my walk-in application. I have to tell you however that I was firmly and flatly denied. They are VERY VERY VERY strict with regards to setting an appointment first before setting foot inside. I could have cried a river and performed cartwheels but they would NOT budge at all. So, the lesson for the day is, if you want to have your passport renewed or apply for a new one, you really have to do it SUPER early. In my case, even if I showed them our flight booking (in June), di talaga sila naawa sa akin. In fact, pinagalitan pa ako kung bakit ako nagbook kahit wala pang passport ang anak ko. (In the first place, I was not aware that they had suddenly and totally revamped the passport application system and made it so &*^%$%# difficult!)

    Anyways, the good news is that when I got home I tried to go online at their website in the hopes that a slot would open up earlier than the previous available slot of June 8. Lo and behold, all of the remaining weeks of May were suddenly free! Very puzzling actually considering just a few days ago the earliest available appointment date was June 8. A computer glitch perhaps?

    I still feel the old NSO pick up and delivery system is way way better as compared to the new appointment system. Before, if you had your passport processed through NSO, you will spend just a maximum of 15 mins. in the old Libertad office. Now, even with the appointment system, it may take you up to 1 1/2 hour. Lines are still long because there are still many walk-in applicants (usually OFWs/seamen, but they are readily entertained as long as they can show overseas work contract). There’s no clear signs or comfortable waiting area outside. You have to wait under the sun (even if you have an appointment) for at least 30 mins. Well, at least everything after that first counter is airconditioned already. Also, the appointment system is too rigid in my opinion. What if, due to an sickness/accident I was unable to renew my passport and make a personal appearance at DFA and now I have to make an emergency trip abroad? I think Mr. Romulo should rethink this passport modernization program. It lacks flexibility for emergency and urgent cases and it’s too narrow-minded.

  6. panu aq mkakakuha ng bagong passport? coz i lost my passport in singapore, anong pwedeng gawin para mas mapadali yung process coz i need to leave ang go back in singapore on may 5..

  7. hi i just want to ask, can i go straight to dfa new bldg. to process my passport, i really need it urgently, i have my schedule for my interview on may 12 at us embassy but i still donnt have my new passport with my new surname since i married. can i just print out the email from embassy and show it to the guards at dfa,para papasukin nila ko. i used to set an appointmetn online kc, but availble time is on june 20 pa, too long enough dba, so do u think guys na pede ako pumnta sa dfa as walk-in applicant.? hope to hear from u soon,. thank u in advance po..

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