Is your Facebook account locked or suspended? Find out why

Ederic complained recently that he was locked out of his Facebook account.

Read here to find out 13 possible reasons why such sad thing happens.

4 thoughts on “Is your Facebook account locked or suspended? Find out why

  1. locked out of facebook account because i can’t answer pic question as i use account for mafia wars and added hundreds of people for game now i say facebook sucks by locking us out

  2. yeah me too i add hundreds of friends and i can’t remember or identify who’s picture is that.. i play ninja saga wo i add many friends.. huhuhu facebook team help me to restore my account…. wait a minute is there any other way to restore my suspended account in facebook??? :'(

  3. facebook locked my account because someone had try to open my account without my permission. i answered so much security codes but until now i am not finish yet. it’s too may, what will i do for me to be able to use my account again?

  4. yvette were the same,i dont know how to recover my account..
    can you help me?please..

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