Sikat na talaga si Inday! Inquirer features English-speaking Pinay maid of SMS world

Inday, the English-speaking character in endless SMS jokes these days, is now in the news.

A feature on Inday appears on the Inquirer’s frontpage (upper fold) today Oct. 10. (Click the Inquirer frontpage snapshot; A red arrow points at the Inday story!)

I’m sure Inday will be proud of this new achievement, as well as the long list of blogs, websites, forums and other internet places where her presence is a source of amazement and joy to readers.

Just in case many of you don’t know it yet, Inday has a beautiful blog!

Some of Inday’s diehard and adoring fans may be found here:

That Inday is featured in the Inquirer is proof that she has beated erstwhile SMS queen Ederlyn whose family photo is shown here by Simpleng Balahuraan.

For a sample of Ederlyn jokes, visit TxtBuff‘s Ederlyn SMS Quotes and Ederlyn Text Messages.

(Inquirer snapshot courtesy of

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