Web Favorites: Search, Get New Fonts, Convert

Starting this weekend, I will feature fantastic sites that deserve more attention and more visitors because they are cool and helpful.

Here are the first three:

1. Gahooyoogle — Imagine searching on Google and Yahoo! at the same time. You’ll be able to do quicker searches than before, right. Gahooyoogle does it for you. Just enter a word or phrase in the search box and in a few seconds, Gahooyoogle will give you a two-column search results page with hits from Google and Yahoo! side by side. Try it.

2. dafont.com — For endless supply of free fonts you may need for presentations, newsletters, and other documents.

3. Zamzar.com — Ever wondered how you can quickly convert a GIF file into JPEG, or MP3 to WAV, or .DOC to PDF without installing any software? Zamzar is perfect for you. It will help you convert across many image, documents, music and video formats. The converted file will be emailed to you pronto.

More favorite sites next week!

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