New impeach rap filed vs. Arroyo; Pro-Arroyo solon swiftly endorses complaint

Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s politics of survival is getting really destructive.

Just yesterday, one of Arroyo’s loyalists in the House of Representatives endorsed a three-page impeachment complaint that is apparently meant to inoculate Mrs. Arroyo from an opposition-initiated and therefore more authentic effort.

The misuse by the Arroyo camp of the impeachment process is too glaring to ignore and should encourage even the most conservative to question it. Why was this complaint filed all of a sudden, amid the cries for transparency regarding the NBN-ZTE fiasco and the foreign trips of the First Couple? Why did one of Mrs. Arroyo’s partymates in the House immediately endorse it? We all know the answers to these, and we do simply because this is not the first time. This administration has a very long and despicable record of despoiling the constitutional processes.

(Will Mr. Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo face the Senate or will he just play sick? Any misstep by the First Gentleman may spell doom for her missus. Filipinos have had enough of these two characters! Mr. Arroyo had been given another chance by the Almighty but he seems to enjoy testing the limits of our collective national patience with his terrible antics. He’s brave and a private figure only when slapping journalists with libel suits, but hides or hies off when authorities want him to explain his alleged misdeeds.)

Did the Constitutional Commission foresee such travesty that is being done on the only constitutional way of holding accountable and removing a sitting President? I am certain that they did not foresee a desperada like GMA to ever occupy the presidency. For destroying the impeachment process and other crimes, GMA will surely pay dearly.

I just hope something really good happens like this complaint becoming a boomerang with fatal effects. We will see how Mr. and Mrs. Arroyo will respond to the Senate inquiries and the public’s demands for an accounting of both official and unofficial acts regarding the NBN-ZTE. Let’s see how Mrs. Arroyo will respond to queries about what she did after being informed of the bribery (which she has confirmed to have known). If the squeeze is applied on Speaker Jose de Venecia and son Joey, the JDV bloc and the House minority may have enough numbers to send the complaint automatically to the Senate, sans debates that may be monopolized or controlled by pro-Arroyo diehards. I expect an uproar if FG spits on the Senate summons or subpoena. Crucial in the next few days and weeks will be how the Arroyo administration will conduct itself and the steps to be taken by the opposition and the public.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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