Freedom and democracy for Burma!

UPDATE: reports that the Myanmar military junta has cut the country’s internet connections and telephones in response to the widespread use of websites, blogs and MMS as people’s media to project the protests.

Imagine living in a country with an unelected leader who rules with an iron fist. Demonstrations are banned or violently attacked. A corrupt military is in command. Sounds familiar?

Worldwide anger is now directed at the military dictatorship misgoverning and misrepresenting Burma after ordering violent dispersals against peaceful protests spearheaded by Burmese monks. At least nine persons have been reported by the fascist onslaught.

The junta has become so desperate and weak that soldiers have been sent to surround or attack monasteries.

The military dictatorship, unelected just like Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has long denied the Burmese people the government they elected in May 1990. The fascist and corrupt junta has brought nothing but hardship and human rights atrocities against the Burmese people, jailed their duly-elected leaders and killed thousands of activists and other advocates of democracy. Aung San Suu Kyi (shown in photo from Wikipedia) leader of the National League for Democracy which decisively won the parliamentary elections in May 1990, was prevented by the military from ever occupying the post of prime minister and has since been kept in prison.

Now the Burmese people are rising in a very just and legitimate rebellion. The mass protests led by the Burmese monks clad in their saffron robes are a spectacle of direct democratic action that Filipinos must support.

As tribute to the valiant people of Burma, here are some photos of the protests, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (both published in Australia):

Long live the people of Burma!

Freedom for Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi!

Dismantle the fascist and corrupt Myanmar military dictatorship!

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