Achieving Happiness is liveblogging the Senate hearing on NBN-ZTE scam; Observations on the Senate probe

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Amazing Happiness (of close friend Ina) is liveblogging the Senate hearing today Sept. 26, 2007.

Manolo is also doing it again.

I’m concerned about Chairman Abalos’s health. He doesn’t look well normally but more so today. I am sure he’ll get sick after the Senate hearing. Some are praying that he end his personal agony by resigning and facing the bribery charges. Elsewhere, the House progressive partylist bloc wants him impeached.

As for Chairman Neri, I’m all for congratulating him for his damning testimony against Abalos. But I have this feeling that he is also trying to protect Mrs. Arroyo. He has claimed executive privilege in refusing to answer some questions thrown at him by senators.

This is another shining moment for the Senate — proof that this so-called Philippine democracy cannot survive without it. The Senate is important especially if we put it side by side with the spineless House of Representatives. I don’t think the Lower House can do something like this, especially under the shady characters who now (mis)lead the institution. Buti na lang, madaming oposisyonista sa Senado.

The next things to expect and to watch are the deliberations in the parliament of the streets. The people will convene next. People’s movements and the political opposition are expected to lead mass demonstrations against the ZTE-NBN scandal. The people surely are now looking for ways to express their disgust and protest.

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