Compaq Presario CQ40-310AU LCD problem solved!

Compaq Presario CQ40

Compaq Presario CQ40

[LOL UPDATE, Aug. 18:  HP called me up at home with this message -- The notebook's LCD has been replaced and the notebook is ready for pickup. But I already got it yesterday, right? LOL]

After a long 27-day wait, the HP Service Center in Makati City called me up this afternoon with good news I have long waited to hear: My notebook is ready for delivery and its busted LCD screen replaced. I told HP to ditch the delivery because I will instead pick it up this same afternoon, which I did and which made typing this post possible.

The call came just two days after I fired off one long and angry email to an official of the HP Service Center and to HP public relations officers. I wanted to email the HP big bosses in the Philippines but I was not able to get their email addresses.

Here’s the email I sent:

August 14, 2009

Henry Lavado
HP Philippines Service Center
Makati City

Dear Mr. Lavado:

I am writing to complain as an HP/Compaq customer who availed of
warranty repair services at your Makati City office. I am extremely
frustrated and disappointed by your “service” and the “lemon” of a
notebook you are selling.

Allow me to explain:

1. On July 21, I availed of your service center’s Quick Drop service,
leaving my Compaq Presario CQ40-310AU notebook for possible LCD
replacement. Lines have appeared on the LCD of the notebook, making
about half an inch of the bottom part of LCD not viewable and
therefore difficult to use. (Please note that I only bought this
notebook a few months back, believing that HP/Compaq notebooks are a
good quality buy.)

2. Contrary to the promise of the attendant who accepted my notebook
that the center will call me the next day to provide me the tracking
number, I only received a call about it days later.

3. Between that date and Aug. 3, I religiously and almost daily made
calls to your center to check the status of the repair. My expectation
was that the LCD was available and would readily be installed and
tested. Please note that you center did not give any information that
no LCD is actually available to satisfy my request for LCD

4. On Aug. 3, at around 5:00 pm, I received a call from 7511912
informing me that a new LCD will be arriving the next day (Aug. 4).
That was the first time I was informed about the absence of a
replacement LCD.

5. On Aug. 10, expecting that the LCD has arrived as per the Aug. 3
advice, I again called up your service center to inquire about my
notebook’s status only to be shocked by the new information that no
LCD has in fact arrived.

6. On Aug. 11 or 12, I again called your service center. The attendant
told me that I should have known the status because someone from HP
allegedly called me the previous date for an update. I informed the
attendant that I received no such call. Had that been the case, I
would not have called to ask for an update.

7. Just a few minutes ago today, Aug. 14, I received a call from
7511912 informing me that “due to a regional shortage of parts”,
including replacement LCDs, HP Philippines’ service center expects
shipments to arrive by the last week of September or the first week of
October. The caller told me that I can opt to temporarily pull out my
notebook and would just be informed when replacement LCDs have

While I understand that my notebook is not the only one that needs
your service and attention (your center was full of customers seeking
repairs of their units when I visited last July 21), I wish to point
out that this is no way to treat me or any other customer for that
matter. Your company must respect the most basic consumer right — the
right to adequate and correct information — especially when you deal
with them and when they inquire on the status of the equipment we want
to have repaired or replaced, all under the warranty contracts your
company provided.

To tell you the truth, I am actually prepared to wait for a
considerable time for your center to make repairs. But what irks me is
the center’s seeming cavalier attitude towards my requests for
information. Had I been informed as early as July 22 that no such LCD
replacement is available, I would have opted to pull out my notebook
and waited for an advice when such parts arrive from your regional
center. But no, your center sat on my request for repair, deprived me
of the correct information so I can make such a decision. Worse, there
were obvious attempts to embellish the truth.

In other societies, computer makers provide customers with service
units as a matter of courtesy and respect. That, sadly, is not done
here, as your attendant told me some days back. At the very least, HP
should immediately act on requests for repairs and if delays are
expected, HP should most respectfully inform affected customers.

Where this “regional shortage” leaves me and others whose notebook
LCDs also need replacement, I do not know. We just have to wait as
late as October!? We just have to pray the shortage ends!? We now have
to quietly suffer the inconvenience and humiliation of having bought

Reading through one of the forums at,
it is apparent that there is a growing number of CQ40-310AU notebooks
with busted, faulty LCDs. There is also a mention of replaced LCDs
experiencing the same problems.

If your LCD replacements are non-existent due to a regional shortage
which seems to be indefinite (no specific date of replacements can be
provided) and if previous LCD replacements cannot themselves last (as
shared by other users), your company owes me and other customers
replacement of the “lemon” units you sold us.

Cordially yours,
Anthony Ian M. Cruz

Thanks to this email, magic happened! HP found a replacement LCD, had it installed to my notebook and I got the call today.

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  1. same here.. HP already replaced my lcd.. and after 2 months same thing happened.. it still flickers worst than before..

  2. Marites Villacencio

    I have the same problem with all of you guys, I HATE HP, ang dali palang masira nito, nag fli flicker rin yung LCD ko, sa may task bar, hahay, ang mahal pa naman nito, wala akong pera pampalit ng LCD, anyone help, wala na rin ang waranty dahil 1 yr and 1 month na ito…

  3. ganyan dn problem ko nung una lcd covered p cy ng warranty kya pinalitan pgkatapos ng ilang buwan hnd n cy m open pinatignan ko s technician motherboard n dw ang problema.nsayang lng ang pera n pinambili nmin pinaghirapan p nmn yon ng papa ko.

  4. pede ba gumamit ng external monitor? ndi na ba mag fli flicker, pag LCD TV/HDMI ang ginamit as external monitor?

  5. Never Buy Hp… I have the same problem, They replace it,, but probably it will come back after 4 months… binakal lang nila yung mga hnd nabenta tapos pinalit, history repeats itself haha… NEVER buy any HP products ,,, They made poor quality, HP ranks No. 1 defective laptop in USA based on Service centers in USA,

  6. ganyan din skn men. hndi ba pde connect to sa tv or lcd? grbe HP kala q mgnda..

  7. my sister just brought a laptop of her niece for me to fix it bcoz she knows that i am good when it comes to computer. Firstly, reboot problem cause by virus, and a bit of flickers on its screen.. so una ko ginawa is to format the laptop, after that, screen still flickers on some areas… So next step to do is to troubleshoot the output, so I connected a vga cable goin to my LCD TV then found out that the flicker areas on laptop screen appeared the same on the external LCD TV, whereas my LCD TV is not defective. In conclusion, it’s not the Laptop LCD problem but the onboard graphics engine. So kahit palitan pa yan ng ilang beses, babalik at babalik yan kasi onboard graphics ang problem, at kung sakaling palitan yun di na pwede kac embedded yan sa motherboard ng laptop…

  8. same thing happened to me guys… ang problema ko nga lng, nagsara yung store na binilhan ko. nwala ko pa naman ang resibo kaya di ko na-avail yung waranty.

  9. same here, they replaced the lcd but nasira agad, they replaced it again, its 6 months now di pa naman na sira uli

  10. Guys! ang dami natin na with the same problems. yung sa akin flickering din sa screen ang problem. Nung una covered pa ng warranty so happy naman ako at napalitan kaagad. after a year na wala ng warranty ay may flickering na naman ulit sa LCD. Php 12,000 daw ang replacement ng LCD. What a scam! I suggest gumawa tayo ng FB hate account para makaganti dyan sa HP na yan. otherwise i-replaced nila lahat ng HP-CQ40 units na ibinenta nila sa market na deffective.

  11. same prob with my stupid compaq, after 1yr nung ni-repair nila same prob occurs gago lang dba. puntahan ko HP gn makati at magwawala tlga ko gn bongga. Nung nag inquire ako replacement daw 11K, anak ng tokwa factory deffect tpos maniningil sila ng ganun kalaki.

  12. sira po yung cq40-310au ko blinking yung capslock at scroll lock led. Baka meron sa inyo na pareho ang problema paki post naman yung naging sira at kung saan nyo pinagawa please.

    Wala pang two years sira na sayang pinambili ko dito. Nabili namin to nung February 2009.

    Nasira na yung monitor nito nung October 2009 buti na lang nasa warranty pa kaya wala kaming gastos at itong January 2011 nag novideo naman at yun nga blinking led na.

    Sabi sa SST Laptop repair dito sa SM taytay sira daw video card at 6000 ang babayaran pero di pain daw sure na magawa talaga 50/50 lang kung magawa.

  13. hey i felt i’m the only one who have this screen flickering thing…. what a waste with this compaq presario, tapos na warranty nito kaya wala ng pag asa pang maayos…. kakainis….

  14. @danny

    hindi video card may sira pag blinking ang scroll lock at caps lock, memory failure yan. try mo linisin muna yung memory pins at slot.

  15. Same here! HP compaq really SUCKS! We bought our unit from adi asianic aug 3,2009 just after the warranty period the screen flickered, brought to service center but charged us 16,000 for an LCD replacement. Told them better buy new unit na lang. Fortunately I can connect it to my LCD T

  16. Same here! HP compaq really SUCKS! We bought our unit from adi asianic aug 3,2009 just after the warranty period the screen flickered, brought to service center but charged us 16,000 for an LCD replacement. Told them better buy new unit na lang. Fortunately I can connect it to my LCD TV using hdmi cable.

  17. siraulong compaq yan! Ung laptop ko ng flick din ung lcd.. Then pina repair namin ng lcd.. After 1 year bumalik na naman ung flicker.. Un nga lang wla nang warranty.. Kya sabi nila 8k daw magparepair.. Kaya hinayaan ko nalang.. After several months , yung flicker lalong lumala.. Tumatalon na ung images sa monitor.. Kya ng connect na lang ako sa external lcd.. Ngayon natuluyan na ung compaq ko.. Nagbiblink nalang ung print scr capslock hndi na nagbboot.. Hindi ko na papaayos to bbili nalang ako ng iba

  18. Kim Hewlett Packers

    wala na ako masabi pa kasi pare pareho lang naman ang problema ng laptop nten..ang tanong ano ba ang kailangan gawin para magawa ang sira meron ba meron ba….haizzz what a waste of money and time!

  19. hi..
    any one can help me where to buy a cheap LCD?
    I tried the HP center but so expensive..
    any idea where?
    please help me

  20. same problem here, i know for sure that its not the LCD screen that its defective but the on board graphics card. i work for DELL and cx are insisting that HP give a good price. yup they do but product is trash. mine happen before the warranty expired but on and off. after the warranty expire then flicking never stop until my bottom screen is having thick line and was never gone, keyboard and touch pad are not functioning properly, So my best suggestion don’t buy hp oh yes they are cheap to buy coz’ materials are cheap also……..

  21. i am now thinking deeply on my plan to buy the CQ42-403AX Compaq Presario laptop :-|

  22. Kuya magcano pa gawa ng hp xa Makati? Lampas na ang warranty co ii. Ung LCD po kx nia na sira :(

  23. Compaq Presario CQ40-310AU
    Problem: No Display at all kahit sa booting. Just the capslock indicator lng ang nagbliblink.
    -di naman pwedeng iformat mismo ang hard disk kasi wala display kahit sa bios man lang.
    Natry ko na external monitor pero wala talaga.. plane black.

  24. same here with me, my dad bought me this compaq cq40 as a gift. after 2months, the LCD had lines, been replaced but after a year, the lines came back. so i guess even if you will replace the LCD, flickers would still come back. So I was not the only one who has a problem with this busted unit, but many of us has been a victim of this COMPAQ PRESARIUO CQ40. I went to HP Customer service and it costs almost 11,000-15,000Php for the replacement of the LCD. So I opted to buy another new laptop instead of paying for that LCD replacement in which after a few months flickers would still come back. HP sucks I guess!

  25. good thing i read this forum.. lol aside from blinking/flashing screen.. autoshut down din CQ40 alam ko na dahil naooverheat ung laptop kaya namamatay na lang bigla.. pero di ko lam na may tama na din pala LCD neto.. lol 11k para sa lcd? hmm.. teka maling mali un ah..

  26. HP sucks!, we should make a move to sue the company for all the damages we had encountered!

  27. guys…pahelp naman ung COMPAQ ko may power cya kso walang display?? nagtry ako ng ibang monitor wala pa rin display

  28. anong cra pag ganoon problem??anyone can help??

  29. Guys,
    un nman pong sira ng laptop ko connector ng power supply.
    Bka may alam kau kung saan pwede ipaayus ang ganitong defect.

  30. ohhhhh.., i thought i was the only one suffering of these shits (i still love my laptop though).., I welcome myself to this community then. Just like your concerns i had problem with my LCD but fortunately it was still under the warranty so they replaced it for free but my problem now is the automatic shutdown. It’s gonna embarrassing if it will happen in public for sure. I usually put ICE under the cooler of my laptop to cool it down. Sometimes it’s effective but there is always an instance that it suddenly dies. Hope HP could do something to this. ..X-(

  31. ganun din sakin 1st prob. nag flicker screen then under warranty pinagawa ko sya they replace new lcd. after few months bigla nalang namatay black screen even the bios is not appear. then blink ang num lck at scroll lock. ang masama wala na syang warrranty. sabi ng iba ram daw ang sira ginawa ko na lahat ng paraan nilinis ko na ang mem. card, hold the power botton for 30sec, kinabit ko external lcd wala pa rin. panitignan ko sa technician sabi video chip daw it cost 5k pero di raw sure kung magagawa. punyetang HP yan daming pinerwisyong tao at pinerahan.
    Lesson wag ng bibili ng hp brand lol…….

  32. Sir Arnel.. march 27, 2011 na post…maganda yung suggestion mo na gumawa ng FB Account para don sa mga sa dihado na bumili ng mga HP Laptop na SIRA! LALO NA SA MGA CQ4O na unit.

    Para naman cguro matauhan…kasi pag sa Forum support ng HP parang walang nangyari…sa FB i’m sure MARAMING MAG POST.

    maraming salamat po.

  33. same problem hir nagbblink ung capslock and numlock di ko alm ggwin hiniram q lang ung laptop di ko na alam pano isoli kc sira xa,,,huhuhu

  34. Ozzy Boy Nicopior

    My laptop CQ40-310AU just DIED TODAY! The last thing I did was I shut it down to make it rest. And then when I turn it on, ayaw na mag-boot. Ayaw na rin mabuhay ng screen.
    Nagbi-blink lang ang NUM LOCK at CAPS LOCK keys. I’ve been searching for solutions since yesterday, pero wala.

    Mag-3 years na sana ang laptop ko sa Feb 2012.

    I remember when my laptop was around 5 or 6 months old, nasira kaagad ang LCD. May streaks ng rainbow colors so I had to send it to HP Service Center. And then they are telling me to wait for at least 2 months. Luckily, I was able to get it back after 3 weeks. Pero hassle!
    What I did was, I reported the inconvenience to an ONLINE attendant sa HP website and I reported everything that has happened. International ‘yun, at ni-refer pa ata ‘yung complaint ko sa HP Phils. After a few months, naka-receive ako ng snail mail from HP Phils. saying how sorry they are, and in exchange for the bad service they are giving me extended 6 months of warranty for parts and service.

    Then the next few months, nasira naman ang fan – around 3 times! Until the extended warranty expired.

    And then this!

    Wow. Thanks, HP. We deserve better service.

  35. regidor tui dimalanta

    the compaq presario i bought only last for about 3yrs.before it gave me a problem..its been 3months that i encounter sometimes my laptop hang for a day when i am using it, then last week when i open my laptop the power open but the monitor was all first i thought it was a RAm so i take off the ram and i clean it with my eraser,but still the monitor remain black..i try my second option change the CMOS but still remain black. I want to try washing the board like what i do in my desktop in time i encounter the same problembut i was scared to open it because i am not a proffessional technichian. what would i do to fix my laptop?

  36. @katra
    August 16, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    i think di na gumagana ung cooling fan mo kaya nag -o-auto off unit mo. kc once na reach nya ung temperature limit sa loob un ang gagawin nya which is good though to prevent overheat.

    to know if your cooling fan is defective, all you have to do to listen whenever you’re booting up your unit. normally, pag on mo ng unit mo ang una mong maririnig is ung ikot ng fan, pag di mo un narinig busted nga ung fan or maybe the capacitors that powers the fan ang probs. just have it check with your trusted technician.

    back to your comment… sakin baliktad nangyari mas nauna sakin ang auto-off and then fixed n sya ang probs ko now is whenever i boot up my unit may lumalabas na mga pink lines at the bottom of my screen pero sa tuwing booting up lng nman sya pag naka load na ok na. kaso bothered lng ako kc parang lumalala n sya from few lines to medyo dumadami na tumataas na.

    what should i do? ala na ba tlgang paraan para maayos to?

  37. I’m still using this unit (Compaq Presario CQ40) despite the fact na two years na siyang nagfflicker. It still continues to do so, and it actually gives me headache. My mom plans to have the LCD replaced but now I’m not sure anymore since most of the comments claim that the LCD flicker would surely comeback anyway.

    I’d rather go buy myself a new one. It’s really sad because this laptop became valuable to me despite it’s flickering, but I won’t waste money on another HP/Compaq laptop. NEVER.

  38. @Chic

    The few flickering lines you mentioned appeared on my computer during its 4th or 6th month. That early. Since I get easily distracted by the flickering rainbows (not to mention, irritating) I decided to hand it over sa HP Service Center Makati since parts and service are covered by their warranty.

    I have about 5 friends (acquaintances/classmate/dorm mate) who own the same CQ40-310AU unit, about same age as mine. Guess what. If not dead, problematic. A friend’s CQ40 died a month ago. Just recently.


    One friend of mine bought 1 HP unit for a staggering price of PhP 88,000.00 (it had an LCD that is rotating and can be turned upside-down like a tablet). Wala pang one year, nasira agad. Buti, yamings ‘yun kaya medyo oks lang (yata).

    ‘Yun namang isang kaibigan kong babae, HP unit din, halos bago pa. 2 months pa lang after purchase, blackout na ‘yung LCD. Ang sabi ng ibang tumingin, backlight daw sira. Pero hindi pa nya pinapagawa hanggang ngayon kasi andami nyang projects at kailangang-kailangan n’ya ‘yung laptop. Bale, monitor ng PC gamit n’ya ngayon. Hassle.

  39. Same ang problem ko with ozzy boy and savage…2years pas lang ang laptop ko compaq presario cq40.calling the attention of HP.wala ba kayong magagawa dito.

  40. same here tagal ko n nag sa-suffer s flickering issue n yan..di ko n pinagawa kc sabi nga ng marami babalik dn dw yung problem…hnhntay ko nlang xang mamatay ngaun..sna mamatay nrn nag design ng unit n un..dami nya naperwisyo..never n akong bibili ng HP/COMPAQ SUCKS!!!

  41. guys and dolls..
    i am so enlighten by this tread.

    well.. for the HP people..proudly to say. even hir in Saudi, same problem about ur laptop extends.
    the no display anf blinking capslock and numlock led.

    although my friend’s unit last almost 3 yirs.. he bought it jan 2009 and it died today.

    i search in the internet for possible solution ’bout the problem.. but i get hir.. hehe..

    now i really know the problem …

    wat a sad face my friend express when he also read this article.

    but look at the bright side.. he learned .

    HP should recall this model in the first place.

    but maybe thats one of the reason now that HP (the company) is planing to dump their PC-line business now… “they say they can’t “par” with the evolution of PC business nowadays that y”.. zzzzzzzz


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