MTRCB-censored film "Rights!" now showing on YouTube

Scores of filmmakers are miffed and they are right to feel that way. The MTRCB used its powers to stop a political film composed of public service announcements against extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.

You may watch the MTRCB does not want us to see at

The film “Rights!” is composed of 30-seconders to a two-minuters made by Paolo Villaluna, Kiri Dalena, King Catoy, Anna Isabelle Matutina, Pam Miras, JL Burgos, Nino Tagaro, Sigrid Bernardo, Mike Dagnalan, John Torres, Jon Red, RJ Mabilin and Sigfreid Sanchez.

In a letter signed by MTRCB chair Consoliza Laguardia, the X-rating was because:

“Scenes in the film are presented unfairly, one-sided and undermines the faith and confidence of the government and duly constituted authorities, thus, not for public exhibition.”

This is stark reminder for us about martial law and its creations (like the MTRCB) as we mark the day it was imposed on Sept. 21, 1972.

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