Today’s Roundup

Here’s a stinging rebuke to “fraternities” (now a misnomer) who engage in hazing: Former Senate President and Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Jovito Salonga resigns from Sigma Rho citing the recent Cris Mendez case.

When I was a kid, I read that other countries have fantastic pubic libraries, so I went around to find a find Dapitan Public Library in Sampaloc. I don’t know if it is already closed just like the one at the Mehan Garden. Thus, I hope the government seriously considers a renewed proposal to open public libraries.

Jose Maria Sison’s lead counsel in the Netherlands is gearing for the next battles with Dutch prosecutors after the The Hague court released Sison due to insufficient evidence forwarded by the prosecution. Meanwhile, military propagandists continue to slander Sison. quoted Sison as saying that Dutch police and prosecutors are now required to present “convincing factual discovery” to cause him to be returned to his detention cell. On whatever the Dutch prosecutors now have against him, Sison says:

“Walang direct evidence, puro circumstantial, hearsay, speculation at pagtagpi-tagpi ng story ng obviously fake witnesses.” (No way can they nail me. They will have to invent a good story. They have no direct evidence. All their evidence is circumstantial, hearsay, speculation and stories of obviously fake witnesses.)

Looking closely at the Sison case and the Arroyo government’s pronouncements about it, it looks like it is repeating the blunders in the Batasan 6 case.

In another front, Pinoy consumers will surely appreciate and support something like this as protection from rip offs, and deceitful and fraudulent sales and transactions.

Here are some technology news:

The question of many Palm loyalists is when will we see a new Palm smartphone with a new Palm operating system. The answer will sadden many, says Brighthand.

The $100 Laptop now costs $188, up from $176. The nonprofit One Laptop Per Child projects says mass production starts later this year.

Visit a US Republican website and you’ll be infected not by affection for George W. Bush, but by malware.

If the iPhone is truly launched in UK next week, the next place where the Apple phone will be launched is none other than Germany. Ang suwerte nila ‘no?

Thanks to Kalovski Itim and his friend for the heads up on these two wonders:

  • Try to get movies here.
  • Do this to increase WIFI reception for your computer

Classic retro handsfree now available, says cellphone9.

More next week. I have to rush and try to catch something at the 2007 Software Freedom Day event at UP.

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