Congratulations, Prof. Sison

Reports on reaching Manila moments ago say that Dutch authorities have started the process to release Jose Maria Sison from detention after a court supposedly found “lack of evidence” to pin him down over his alleged role in murders of two communists-turned-government agents.

UPDATE: Official Dutch justice ministry announcement on Sison’s release.

GMANews quoted a Dutch court decision saying that while the Communist Party of the Philippines is clearly responsible for the murders of the two persons, there is no strong evidence to link Sison as the mastermind.

The Inquirer report meanwhile said that the president of the three-member panel of judges who were in charge of Sison’s detention apparently made the decision to free the communist leader hours after it was announced that Sison’s detention will stay in the The Hague jail for another 90 days.

Now this is good news for Sison. Yet again, for all the jubilation shown by the Arroyo administration and the military top brass it is beholden to, Sison remains innocent of all the false charges leveled against him. Sison and nearly four dozen legal and underground leftist were earlier exculpated by the Supreme Court in an omnibus rebellion case.

National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales should resign now. He is behind all the trumped up and fabricated cases against leftist leaders. He recently went to Brussels to buttress the fake cases against Sison and to further demonize him and the National Democratic Front. As in the Batasan 6 and the Satur Ocampo cases, this new gambit of Gonzales has amounted no nothing more than bullshit.

It is another monumental blunder for which Gonzales and his principal, President Arroyo, must pay for dearly. They brought worthelss “evidence” — actually trash — to the Dutch authorities. Gonzales and Arroyo brought shame to the Philippines by pinning down a Filipino on foreign soil. That Filipino turned out to be innocent and a victim of persecution from which he has been seeking refuge as an asylum seeker.

Sison, for sure, will have the choicest words to heap on Arroyo, Gonzales and their partners in the US and Dutch government.

Congratulations, Professor Sison. May you win more battles ahead.

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