Today’s Roundup: Politics, Tech and Art

Motorola’s new phones may be interesting but a review wasn’t excited. Elsewhere, the mythical iPhone is now open to “unlocking” using several publicly-available methods and at leasst one free software to do it.

In Mumbai, India, a group has asked police to install keyloggers in computers of cybercafes to allegedly deter terror suspects from using them. The group said it wanted keyloggers installed in all cybercafe computers throughout India. I hope this does not happen here, or we discover whatever keyloggers they have already installed.

Free and open source software will be happy to read this piece of good news about Vietnam’s conversion to OpenOffice starting early next year.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro wrote
a thought-provoking essay on 9/11.

While browsing the next moments ago, I saw something that will give iPod nano some good competition.

like a rolling store a.k.a. Bayan Secretary-General Renato M. Reyes Jr. shares a funny primer on the duelling 50-Cent and Kanye West.

StudentStrike, the blog of LFS chair Venz Crisostomo, has been reformatted. Be sure to watch the video of LFS members surprising US Embassy security personnel last 9/11 which was also the LFS founding date.

LFS turned trenta anyos and marked the occassion, among others, with a street clean-up drive.

MakaPalm has started blogging in Filipino and he’s disappointed that the new Palm Treo 500v runs on Windoze. Meanwhile, Glenn finally updated Newsroom Barkada after months!

Ina of Achieving Happiness wants 2010 to come in a jiffy because, like everyone else, she wants Gloria Arroyo to face the same fate as Joseph Estrada.

Writing on Asia’s longest insurgency, Mong says:

At a time when communism is supposed to be dead, a Maoist revolution is surviving in the Philippines. There is nothing surprising about this seemingly historical aberration since poverty, injustice, exploitation, repression and foreign intervention are equally astonishing in Philippine society. There are old-school Maoists, but the Philippines has plenty of old-school reactionaries as well.

Just in case you did not know: Professor, poet and writer Joi Barrios has a blog! Morofilm is fed up with Tagging.

Curious reactions to Estrada’s conviction for plunder: Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye (“bow“) and President Arroyo (“people are tired of political drama“).

Arkibong Bayan
meanwhile has a Jose Maria Sison Page. Sison’s detention has been extended for 90 days, according to a report while family and colleagues are still refused access to the man.

Finally, the 8 funniest webcomics.

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