Opportunist view of Estrada guilty verdict

Opportunists in the business community are surely elated over the guiity verdict against former President Estrada.

According to one business analyst: “A guilty verdict is the market’s best bet. This may lead to people power, but this can be easily addressed by the current administration, which has the full support of the police and military.”

He continued: “With an acquittal, you are setting Erap on the loose. This will lead to a stronger opposition. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be tied to political issues raised by the stronger opposition, which means economic reforms will need to take a backseat.”

2 thoughts on “Opportunist view of Estrada guilty verdict

  1. I agree with the view of this businessman. Do you think it’s wrong? Why would anyone want to let the recent economic gains and reforms go to waste because of the so called opposition? Is it wrong to want the economic reforms to continue? It’s a fact that these people in the opposition are trying to drag down gma through any means whether legal or illegal. Doing this will once destroy investor confidence. Erap is guilty! Let’s move on and keep working. Keep pushing our country upwards instead of pulling it down.

  2. Its wrong because courts should convict a person not because it is good for Mrs. Arroyo or for business, but because the person is guilty.

    What reforms are we talking about here? The so-called growth is suspect. Even mainstream economists wonder what economic growth the administration is talking about incessantly.

    The fact is, Gloria Arroyo is the heaviest yoke on the economy and the nation. Its her acts of lying, cheating, stealing and killing that worsen the situation for all, except perhaps for certain businessmen.

    Let’s move on yes — let’s move on by getting rid of GMA and other fetters to progress.

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