Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. mauls golfers while father/Cabinet secretary just looks on

Nasser Pangandaman Sr. and Nasser Pangandaman Jr. must apologize to the persons they and their minions beat up last Dec. 26 at a golf course in Antipolo City.

The elder Pangandaman is an alter-ego of President Arroyo as the secretary of agrarian reform, while his son and namesake is mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur. Common decency demands that they respect others. Laws meanwhile demand that, as public officials, they should not use their position and personnel to exploit, harass and oppress the people they are sworn to serve.

Here’s a picture of Secretary Pangandaman, courtesy of USM:

The ethical way out of this predicament for the elder Pangandaman is for him to resign. He is a disgrace to the entire government. No wonder farmers are so angry at his department: He not only does not care about genuine land reform; he also does not care for other people, period. He could’ve shown and taught his son a good example by stopping the beating on the golf course — but he just watched as his son and their cabal mauled the hapless father and son who only wanted to follow the rules.

If he does not resign, well, it is up to President Arroyo what to do with Pangandaman. She chose him to be her alter-ego as DAR secretary and she could get rid of him. If she let’s him stay in office, what kind of signal does this new incident tell about the company the President keeps? She’s friends with fraudsters (Garci) and killers (Palparan) — she will also be known as a protector of thugs who go by the name of Pangandaman.

I can already smell some reactions that we’re just getting too emotional about the incident. But I don’t care. The opposite is to just lie down and let ourselves be beaten black and blue by irresponsible leaders, those whose oaths of office state that they swear to serve us.

What to do with the younger Pangandaman? I don’t know. For starters, let his father resign or be fired — I’m sure that will put some fear in his heart and will cut his ego down to some manageable size. For now, I am happy that he’s now being tagged all over the blogosphere as someone who’s so brave in beating other people just because he’s a town mayor and the son of a President’s alter-ego at the same time.

I hope Mr. Delfin Dela Paz and Bino would fully recover soon, and that they sue the Pangandamans. To the Dela Paz family, let’s say: we are behind you, 100 percent.

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  1. Hans Reyes Jr. December 31, 2008 at 8:28 am Permalink

    The Pangandamans just became golf fanatics after Nasser Pangandaman Sr. became Agrarian Reform Secretary.

    Is DAR and Golf Courses related to one another ? Absolutely Yes, GOLF COURSES needs the approval of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary whenever they apply for Land Conversion from Agricultural use to Commercial or Mixed Use. A golf course needs to be converted from agricultural to commercial or mixed use, or else they will violate the Agrarian Reform Law.

    Only DAR Secretary approves Land Conversion and my source from DAR grapevine, conversion application at DAR is truly bloody.

    Bloody in what sense? these DAR officials demand bribe of ?$? per square meter before a conversion application is approved or they demand exclusive shares and club memebership rights from these golf courses.

    Just an example, if one is applying for Land Conversion of a 50-hectare land Golf Course, then an applicant will probably shell out around Php 1,000,000 million pesos, a bribe money @ 2 pesos per square meter, this is the lowest and could go higher as mush as 5 pesos per square meter.

    What a lucrative business of DAR executives, and their bag man, their own Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers (PARO) in the City and Priovincial levels.

    No doubt that DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman is frequenting Exclusive Golf Courses.

    I am not saying that he is corrupt and demanding bribe from Golf Course Companies seeking Land Conversions. He may have been a Golf fanatic upon stepping at the doors of DAR, and most likely have purchased Club Membership at a generous price from generous Land Conversion Applicants.

    Golf is a game of the rich and famous, no doubt for Dela Paz family as they have known business (fishpond) to support their golfing hobbies.

    What about the Pangandamans ? unless they prove to the Filipino people that they have legitimate businesses, then I would believe that they have the right to play Golf.

    Ombudsman Mereditas Gutierez, please take a look at the Statement of Assests, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) of Nasser Sr. and Jr., they should prove that their means of livelihood could support their golfing hobby.

    I could not imagine a high ranking government official involved in a Brawling Incident and the fight is 6 (Pangandamans) versus 2 (Dela Paz), what a shame… this a government ruled by men and not by Law ?

  2. john January 2, 2009 at 3:28 pm Permalink

    Please sign your petition here for what Pangandaman’s are doing:

  3. Mr.J.N.P January 3, 2009 at 9:32 am Permalink

    before anything else wag kau mag coment ng kung ano ano masamang bagay kac una hndi nyo alam ang nangyari. hndi sila ang nanguna imagine nag gogolf cla tapos my set game di ba then after sila ang naka next tapos akala nung de la paz family eh sinisingitan sila kahit hndi naman then nagalit itong si mr. de la paz at pinag sisigawan c mayor syempre dahil hndi nya un papansinin pero hndi pa nakuntento pinag mumura pa si mayor eh kung kau kea pag mumurahin sa harap ng maraming tao na wla naman ginagawang masama? at ang mahirap pa dun di pa sya nakuntento hinampas pa nya si mayor xempre as a person pag hinampas ka ano gagawin mo? iiyak? kea wlang my kasalanan dOn sana hndi nlng nya pinag mumura at hinampas pa.. kung kau kau kea pag mumurahin at sigawan sa harap ng ibang tao at hampasin? kalokohan na kung hndi nyo ipag tatanggol sarili nyo? right? ang gusto q lng ipabatid eh “wlang mananakit kung wlang nanakit” and hndi sila ang nanguna..

    mababait na tao ang mga Pangandaman Family..
    kea sna wag kau agad mag husga kac hndi nyo naman alam ang tunay na nanyari… kung hnd naman sila sinaktan eh di rin naman cla mag rereact db?

    malalaman yan pag nag imbestiga na..


    thEy just dEfend their self for such an arrogant act of dE la paz Family
    in the gOlf Course.

    or if you all want go to the Valley Golf Course Club for more and true

  4. Jonas Christian January 10, 2009 at 6:58 am Permalink

    Here’s an interesting twist about the Pangandaman issue.

    It details a discussion among golfers, one of them apparently in the valley management or something …

    It’s very important to hear both sides first before just shooting at anybody out of a one-sided story. Oh well…

  5. Menard January 12, 2009 at 11:29 pm Permalink

    Inquirer released the golf club’s findings and recommendation on this issue. I’ve posted some stuffs on my blog.


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