Mack is okay!

Yep, the doctor said that Mack will be okay and looks forward to results of his next CBC. His platelet count has risen to 30k yesterday and 80k today after plummeting to a dangerous 16k last Saturday due to dengue and typhoid. Humans need at least 150 platelets to survive, which the doctors hope Mack will regain in the next few days or weeks.

Thanks to all those who donated blood, those who looked for donors, those who visited the hospital, those who have contributed to the hospital bill, and those who cared. Special thanks to Voltaire, Kim, Gemma, JC and Redi who donated blood, and to Bryan and Ederic for the blog posts.

Mack, his mom and I look forward to coming back home tomorrow.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

Advice to all: Always take Vitamin C tablets. It is very cheap and easy protection from the viruses and bacteria that cause many illnesses. Generic ascorbic acid tablets are sold at about P150 for a bottle of 100 tablets. Its either that or you get sick easily.

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