On to the future

Today, I formally start full-time blogging. I intend to focus on politics, information and communication technology, mobile activism and other noteworthy concerns.

I say full-time because I have decided to quit my job in Congress and wish to expand horizons which for about two years have been limited to: 1) the monitor of whichever computer I’m working at; and 2) the four corners of Congress where we silently endure the consistent massacre of English, Filipino and other languages (Examples: What’s the pleasure of the gentle-lady? Mr. Spike Hair! Mr. Spike Hair!).

This is my antidote to supreme boredom. In fairness to my former principal, his place is secure in my heart as a beloved kasama. I will forever be grateful to have worked for and with him. It was a privilege to have been called his media officer. I also wish to thanks the many others who recognized my place and role and needs as a thirtysomething writer.

What to expect from this blog? Many things. Service reviews on Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular; Product reviews on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG and other handset makers. Trends in mobile technology and mobile activiss a.k.a. TXTPower. Pinoy consumers who are perhaps among the world’s most sophisticated lot are invited to partake in the discussions.

Politics will also have a permanent place in my book, er, blog. But the focus is on championing the cause of new politics, the politics of change. How the government continues to steal, lie, cheat and kill, and how a truly democratic and free government should look like. I just want to warn anti-communist retards to keep away. I have low tolerance for their ilk.

Besides, I would not like progressive voices to cede the entire blogosphere to rightwingers and moderates who offer outdated solutions to our national problems and get away with it by marking them “post-modern”, “post-marxist”, “post-industrial”. Web 2.0 belongs to the agents of progress and not to those who wish to keep the nation in the backwaters.

I’m dreaming of publishing remembrances of hundreds of decent Pinoys who are no longer with us. Their brutal deaths have deprived us of friends and family. Their extrajudicial killing stole from us future leaders, our finest citizens, who have the capacity for greatness and great service a very few incumbent government officials could match.

“Mahirap iwanan ang digmaang ‘di pa tapos” — says a poet friend of mine and I agree. Enough said.

Lastly, I will now have more time for my Tart and for my family. My dad turned 60 last Thursday and I wish to be with him as often as I could possibly can. My pamangkins are growing fast and I would not like to miss being part of the best times of their life. Tart needs a hand in his production outfit and I promise to be a good partner and help deliver the goods in the next gigs.

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