Fred Castro is not so gay about gays

A few minutes ago, Fred Castro who represents the people of the 2nd District of Capiz rose on the House floor, warning against the possible or probable election of a deputy speaker for gays. Castro stridently spoke against the possibility after the House elected a (token) woman deputy speaker.

Do Pinoy gays really dream or aspire to be a deputy speaker of the House?

Gays only want to be respected as human beings. Problem is, there are plenty of Castro’s in the House and other institutions that are sworn to ensure freedom and equality for all. For these bigots, gays have no place in governance or anywhere else in the country.

Castro should understand that any Filipino, regardless of gender, may run for or get elected to positions of authority. Being or having a certain gender is not a constitutional requirement. In fact, the Constitution is against such discrimination.

Hopefully, by 2010, Ang Ladlad succeeds in electing a partylist representative or representatives para masaya. Better if the closeted House and Senate members come out and join Ang Ladlad in instituting reforms.

1 thought on “Fred Castro is not so gay about gays

  1. Sana.

    I may not share Ladlad’s principles and (sophomoric) plans of action, but I’ll support any move for gay and people-centered representation in Congress.

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