ABS-CBN reporter cooks, eats ‘pagpag’ in TV report

A reporter of ABS-CBN show The Correspondents is being shown tonight not just reporting on ‘pagpag’, the leftover food gathered by scavengers and re-cooked for consumption by some of our poor kababayans.

I am aghast because the reporter himself actually participated in re-cooking and preparing ‘pagpag’ and joined his interviewees in partaking of the meal. I think this is not only gross, but unwittingly endorses ‘pagpag’ despite previous reports citing health officials and specialists who say that ‘pagpag’ is dangerous to humans.

I think the network have much to explain to the audience.

Below is an episode of rival GMA Network’s Sine Totoo episode on people living on trash and “pagpag”:

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10 thoughts on “ABS-CBN reporter cooks, eats ‘pagpag’ in TV report

  1. Seriously, I didn’t think they were encouraging it. They just wanted to show the plight of our fellow Filipinos. Although there is great entertainment value when a reporter actually eats “pag-pag”(similar effect when politicians roam depressed areas during the campaign, the gesture was meant to spark outrage at why a sizeable sector of society, no less human than the other, has to live on the latter’s scraps.

  2. No one has the right to tell them whether it’s wrong or not. They’ve been suffering all their life and they were given no choice. It’s not right to judge them or even stop them from doing this because it would mean stopping them from living.

    may pics ka po ba nito? kailangan ko lang sa research ko.tnx!

  3. Salve, hindi naman pwedeng ganun mag-isip. Malinaw naman na mali na kumain ng delikadong pagkain.

    Wala akong pictures nito dahil napanood ko lang sa TV.

  4. I agree with salve. We can’t be objective about this, because we weren’t born where they were born.

    It’s survival. If you were trapped inside a cave without knowing if help would arrive, don’t you think at some point you will have to consider drinking your own urine and maybe even eat your feces? That would be wrong, but if you are the type who can die without a fight, then well that’s you. And I won’t be doing any bible references here.

    When we have the luxury to eat whenever we want, these people have no means whatsoever. And they are fighting really hard to stay alive. When we can spend a few coins for a smoke and a hundred for a cup of overpriced coffee, these people have nothing saved up for tomorrow.

    I guess you didn’t reflected much what you would have done if you were in their situation, if you weren’t educated, if the only thing you knew was life in the slums and have almost nothing to live for.

  5. Pagpag…………the survival food of the poorest of the foor and blatant symbol of the xtreme poverty in the phil!!

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