Ka Bel is free — for now

At around 3:00 pm today, Anakpawis Congressman Crispin Beltran, fondly called “Ka Bel” by laborers and labor leaders, returned to the House of Representatives after being illegally detained by the Arroyo government for over 15 months.

Ka Bel was warmly welcomed by Anakpawis members at the Batasan Pambansa gate, and by the Batasan 5 at the lobby of the Main Building. Smiling broadly and raising both fists in victory, Ka Bel telegraphed a simple yet powerful message to all Filipinos: “Tuloy ang laban!”.

Soon-to-be Senator Chiz Escudero, the outgoing minority leader in the House, later welcomed Ka Bel at his office and urged that he be permanently released in accordance with the Supreme Court decision handed down Friday.

Minutes after the session opened, Ka Bel walked into the session hall to warm and long applause from Members of Congress and the people in the gallery.

The Inquirer.net report of Maila Ager and Thea Alberto reported quite accurately about Ka Bel’s sentiments he himself expressed in a privilege speech. Ka Bel is really back and he is in his most fighting form. More than 15 months of detention prepared him to battle even more fiercely the corrupt and evil forces led by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.


Judge Elmo Alameda of the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 150 granted Ka Bel’s request to attend the last three session days of the 13th Congress and to grace the 100th anniversary of the House of Representatives on Thursday.

In a joint statement issued earlier today, the Batasan 5 solons challenged the government to end its vindictiveness and cruelty against Ka Bel and other political opponents, stop the plan to file a motion for reconsideration to the SC decision and respect the right of the militant partylist bloc to exist.

Photos from Yahoo! News

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