A notebook and notes on the election

Got a real deal yesterday afternoon at a store in Gilmore.

For about the price of a low-end, huge and heavy “branded” laptop, the store manager gave me a practical alternative, a reputable MSI Megabook powered up with two upgrades. Here’s the specs:

Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology
Intel® Pentium® M 725
(1.60GHz / 2Mb L2 Cache / 400MHz FSB)
Intel® 915GM + ICH6-M
Intel® PRO Wireless 802.11BG
1Gb Memory (Max: 2Gb)
Superb Glare 12.1 TFT WXGA Widescreen
Intel® 915GM, support Direct X9
(Integrated Graphics) 1280 x 800
80Gb Mobile Hard Drive
DVD Recorder
MMC/ SD/ MS 3-in-1 card reader
3 x USB 2.0
VGA Out x 1
56Kb modem
10/100Mbps LAN
Headphone jack; Microphone jack
8 cell battery up to 2.0 hours
Utility/driver CD
303(L) x 225(D) x 26~28(H)mm.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, all these goodies only weigh a total of 1.8Kgs and costs less than 40 thousand pesos.

I asked the store attendants to install a 30-Day Trial Version of Windows XP Professional just to check if the notebook actually works. Got no problems with the WIFI and the Bluetooth. Everything’s working nicely and rather quickly!

Now, I’d have to find out how to install Ubuntu Linux’s Feisty Fawn or Dapper Drake. I’ve done it before but that was some Ubuntu versions ago. My point is that I’d like my new notebook to go dual-boot, so that I’d use XP only when extremely necessary and without alternative. (Attention, Doc Gani! Patulong naman!)

If Ubuntu works splendidly on my new notebook (if it could run all the WIFI, Bluetooth, card reader and other notebook goodies), I’d chuck XP pronto.


I would have not been able to get the notebook today without the help of two special persons: Tart and Joyce.

No thanks to the daily ATM withdrawal limit, nagkulang ako ng pambayad!!!

These two angels rescued me from the certain prospect of kahihiyan (for not being able to pay for my order) and depression (for not bringing the notebook home tonight).

Of course, I’d like to thank two other persons — those who bought my TX and my Treo. They made this purchase possible. For those who have malicious and obscene thoughts that the moolah came from Bayan Muna, or from illegal things, go eat garbage.


A dear friend (activist mom of a high school classmate) promised me on Friday that if ever she wins in “Deal or No Deal”, she will give me a brand new laptop computer!

Good luck po!


To friends wondering what we’re feeling about Bayan Muna’s standing in the polls:

We’re looking forward to the end of the counting and the canvassing. We’re continuing to guard the process and discovering dagdag-bawas and bearing the brunt of violent incidents. Scores of our pollwatchers have been denied entry to canvassing centers, other have been abducted (yes, abducted), while two have been reportedly killed.

We want to win in a clean and credible canvass.

To those who helped one way or another to Bayan Muna’s 2007 campaign, thank you and continue to fight.

The fight is not yet over — we must foil the cheating machinery and make every vote count.

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