Bayan Muna tops SWS survey with 28 percent

I am happy, elated and humbled by the people’s show of support for Bayan Muna.

Inquirer’s headline today screams news that will upset the stomachs of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Hermogenes Esperon, Norberto Gonzales, Raul Gonzalez and other opponents of new politics: Bayan Muna tops survey with 28 percent making it their partylist of choice.

This is a vindication for Bayan Muna and a rejection of the harebrained government policy of discrediting and decimating the legal Left.

Kudos to Ka Satur who has been incarcerated by the government and to other Bayan Muna leaders.

Kudos too to all Bayan Muna members and supporters.

Of course, the highest tribute to the 130 Bayan Muna heroes and martyrs who laid down their lives in the righteous and legitimate cause of championing the politics of change.

The challenge now is to transform these survey results into actual votes and to safeguard these votes from any attempt to cheat Bayan Muna of certain electoral victory.

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