Postscript to the NTC conciliation meeting

As spokesperson of TXTPower, I make this special appeal to all subscribers of Globe, Smart and Sun to join our campaign against Globe’s abusive and confusing Unlitxt and for the rollback to the old Unlimitxt rates. This is not just about unlimited texting, but also about our rights and dignity as consumers. We must not allow corporate scum from abusing us with one-sided, unfair and perhaps illegal actions. We must not take things sitting down. We have rights both as citizens and as consumers which these companies should respect and uphold.

As the battle against Globe’s price increase on unlimited texting rages, we hope the NTC enforces its orders dated Feb. 5 and 7. Globe meanwhile should reconsider its hardline position on the controversy, and take serious note of the grave repercussions of its recalcitrance, insensitivity and intransigence to the company’s “reputation”.
We hope to hear from Globe sooner than Feb. 14. Our basic offer to them in the conciliation talks brokered by the NTC is for Globe to restore the old P15, P25 and P50 rates for 1, 2 and 5 days of unlimited texting, side by with Daytime, Nightime and the other new choices. Consequently, Globe must remove the new increased P20, P40 and P80 prices.

TXTPower asks you to keep up the pressure, support the complaint, pass the news, ask friends and family members to sign the online petition and to BOYCOTT GLOBE. We are fighting an abusive company with a deep pocket and immense resources. It may kill our complaint only when we ourselves give up and take their bait.

The challenge now is to remember and make the others remember. The fight goes on.

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  1. This is not related to the Unlimitxt issue but it seems that MRT3 has phased-out the stored value tickets to accommodate Globe’s G-pass. Unlike the stored value which is consumable and even has a bonus last ride scheme, the G-pass chip is sold at P50 and you have to load it with 1% surcharge

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