Boycott Globe!

As Globe Telecom refuses to obey and comply with the NTC order (see previous blog entry), we consumers have a responsibility to ourselves to help make things right.

We need to teach Globe a lesson in ethics and civics. Globe cannot be allowed to consider the NTC as a mere doormat. If Globe thinks it proper to seek a permit for its new Unlitxt, their subscribers also think it is right to ask the NTC to revoke the permit on just grounds. Anyway, legal hairsplitting aside, Globe is in the wrong side of the fence for two reasons now: for defying a valid NTC order and for concealing a price hike in its new promo.

TXTPower calls for a boycott in an effort to mobilize public opinion. Actually, many text messages calling for a boycott have circulated since Feb. 1. We waited for the NTC to act, and for Globe to reconsider its position. But Globe seems to encourage and compel us to initiate a boycott starting tomorrow Feb. 8.

We ask everyone to avoid, limit or postpone any of the following: calls and text through the Globe network; automatic and card reloads; GCash transactions; line applications; music, icon and other downloads; and 3G and GPRS services.

Yes, we have to and yes, we can. The boycott aims to minimize and lower Globe revenues for the next few days with the objective of sending this message to Globe: Don’t try to fool, insult and violate our rights as consumers.

A showdown looms today as the NTC Commissioner’s office has reportedly issued a cease and desist order against Globe.

P.S. If Globe thinks it is winning in its posture, it should think twice. Its reputation has been seriously affected and public trust diminished.

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