Globe Unlimitxt rollback campaign forges ahead; Post this banner to express your protest

TXTPower yesterday started an online petition directed at the NTC, asking the telecom regulating body to order a rollback of Globe Unlimitxt charges. As of now, the number of signatories have reached more than 500. We expect more to sign up as soon as classes and officework resume tomorrow.

A report featured the online petition campaign.

For those with websites and blogs and wish to express support to the campaign, please post this banner and link it to the TXTPower website. More banners are coming. We also welcome your submissions.

Tomorrow (Feb. 5), we will be at the NTC to personally deliver a second complaint, containing our legitimate demand that Globe be ordered to rollback the Unlimitxt charges to pre-Feb. 1, 2007 levels. We will be there at exactly 10:00 am. Those who are free at that time and are just nearby, we hope you could join us.

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