Ang lakas mo talaga sa Globe: Unlimitxt rates up 100 percent

Many Globe subscribers texted me all day, complaining that Globe Telecom stopped its Unlimitxt Permanent Service without any prior notice and replaced it with new promos that resulted in a 100-percent increase in unlimited texting rates.

TXTPower immediately emailed a complaint with the National Telecommunications Commission, and issued a press release. published it today.

Globe’s Unlimitxt and Sun Cellular’s 24/7 promos proved once and for all that the telcos can offer text messages by the bucket. A text message really doesn’t cost P1.00 apiece. The telcos arbitrarily set the price at P1.00 and continue to keep it at the level especially for inter-network The folding up of Unlimitxt doesn’t mean anything except that Globe wants to add more money to its bags upon bags of superprofits.

We will take up this issue in the TXTPower convenors’ meeting tomorrow night. Hopefully, the NTC will immediately respond tomorrow and suspend the implementation of the new promo.

TXTPower vows to lead consumers in this fight against super-profiteering telcos.

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