Thanks Mideo for my blog’s new template!

I’d like to devote this post to Mideo M. Cruz. He’s a people’s artist who has gone around the world, showing his works that depict the world’s peoples and their common conditions under US-led imperialist plunder and war.

His new world disorder project is “an open, collaborative and loose multi media art initiative. an international network articulating on subtle imitation, yet incisive critique and satyrization of capitalist strategies and the complex repercussions of imperialist globalization. this decrepit world phenomenon has unleashed a world disorder of humohungous proportions that conscienticide artists must uncompromisingly contend with.
I first met Mideo at Bayan where he is among the informal “resident artists” along with others from Ugat Lahi.

He designed my blog’s new nameplate. I’m so proud of it. Ain’t it nice?

Maraming salamat, Mideo!

1 thought on “Thanks Mideo for my blog’s new template!

  1. we should keep a blog like this alive.. i just found this site by accident but it is worth it.. yeah, they’re right F#%K GMA and all her spineless puppets.

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