Nov 11

Nielsen presents first Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report

Information and measurement company Nielsen today released in Singapore the first Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report, declaring that widening internet usage is “revolutionizing digital media usage” in the region.

According to Nielsen:

Rapid technological developments, including high-speed internet access and WiFi, and increasing ownership of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing digital media usage in Southeast Asia, with internet usage in some markets surpassing time spent on traditional media such as television, radio or print. Continue reading →

Sep 11

How is social media changing ASEAN?

Together with colleague Delwin Keasberry, a.k.a. @BruneiTweet and the man behind Projek Brunei, we led a master class with the same title at the ASEAN100 Leadership Forum on Sept. 29, 2011 at the Shangrila Hotel in Makati City, Philippines.

Here is the presentation I shared at the master class: Continue reading →

Mar 11

Monique Wilson’s call to fellow artists in the Philippines

Monique Wilson, a respected stage actress, writes about the Willie Revillame and TV entertainment. Photo from http://eye-in-the-blue-sky.blogspot.com

Willie Revillame’s treatment of Janjan who was made to dance like a gigolo on his primetime game show beamed on national television last March 12 has attracted a whole array of opposition and strident criticism, and, of course, defense from his diehard fans and defenders of his new home network.

Monique Wilson, a respected stage actress, gives us another point of view, and a call to her colleagues in the Philippines. Continue reading →

Mar 11

The people’s impeachment case vs. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez

Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. Photo from the Ombudsman's official website.

Merceditas Gutierrez, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s choice of ombudsman, now faces two impeachment complaints now being heard in a single proceeding by the House justice committee.

Previous impeachment proceedings against Gutierrez failed when the House of Representatives was still controlled by a pro-Arroyo majority. The new proceeding should have a different outcome. It is only reasonable to expect that the new majority, led by partymates of President Benigno Aquino III, would muster the political will to impeach Gutierrez in the House and send her to the Senate for an impeachment trial.

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Jan 11

Facebook usage in the Philippines [Infographic]

How is the Philippines ranking in social networking on a global scale?

Well, we Filipinos are way up in terms of number of users and how we use Facebook.

What better way to illustrate this than through an infographic, Continue reading →